Chanel Launches more than its couture Collection at PFW

The Grand Palais was ready to blow its top, with, get this, a space craft, only Paris’s finest craftsmanship, stamped with the classic logo that we all know and strive to hold, signifying prestige and quality and of course high fashion. But what does it mean really? Is there some sort of hidden message behind this great white shark of an air craft? Is Karl trying to tell us something? What is it Karl? Is it cold war related? Something tells me those sparkly go-go boots were not inspired by anything post apocalyptic or along the lines of cardboard couture, if you know what I mean. If you don’t please see my previous fashion week posts!

chanel 6

I am thinking this show was inspired by the cold war, it is as though we went back in history to watch a futuristic fashion show. Allow me to elaborate, we have ideas of the future today that may become a reality or may not, but we have these ideas and they inspire futuristic movies which further solidify these ideas into beliefs. During the cold war people had an idea in their heads about what the future would look like as we do today. The show makes me think of the ideas that people in the 1960’s must have had of a futuristic life. Going to space. The couture presented in the show happens to be very Jackie O-esk, coincidence? I should think not! I think Karl is a bit of a history buff. I didn’t know that about you Karl.

Now lets look into some details and trends carried throughout the show that I quite enjoyed. First we have the dazzling go-go boots, I need some of those in my life. The sparkly ear bands are also something I lack of in my life. And lastly glitter stockings show up consistently throughout the show and I like it. If there were more sparkles in the world, it could only be a better place.


Another note about the third photo to the right, notice the collar of this dress, it very closely resembles the neck of a space suit. Interesting. Now lets get down to my favorite looks presented during the show.

I love the wide legged pant with the knee high boots and the thigh length shorts with the glitter stockings under. This long black gown is elegant, fluffy and sparkly all in one and I love it. For my number one favorite outfit, also being shown off by one of my favorite super models, Gigi, is this three quarter sleeve, houndstooth jumper, with a wide leg, cuffed just above the ankle. The silver cut off gloves add a fun edge to this look while complimenting the dazzling go-go boots.

chanel 6

Karl, you did a fabulous job with this show, I wonder if I interpreted it the way you intended. What was that? I did? Speak up Karl my ears aren’t as sharp as they used to be! Anyhow, enjoy!

The Goat’s Milkshake