Chanel Launches more than its couture Collection at PFW

The Grand Palais was ready to blow its top, with, get this, a space craft, only Paris’s finest craftsmanship, stamped with the classic logo that we all know and strive to hold, signifying prestige and quality and of course high fashion. But what does it mean really? Is there some sort of hidden message behind this great white shark of an air craft? Is Karl trying to tell us something? What is it Karl? Is it cold war related? Something tells me those sparkly go-go boots were not inspired by anything post apocalyptic or along the lines of cardboard couture, if you know what I mean. If you don’t please see my previous fashion week posts!

chanel 6

I am thinking this show was inspired by the cold war, it is as though we went back in history to watch a futuristic fashion show. Allow me to elaborate, we have ideas of the future today that may become a reality or may not, but we have these ideas and they inspire futuristic movies which further solidify these ideas into beliefs. During the cold war people had an idea in their heads about what the future would look like as we do today. The show makes me think of the ideas that people in the 1960’s must have had of a futuristic life. Going to space. The couture presented in the show happens to be very Jackie O-esk, coincidence? I should think not! I think Karl is a bit of a history buff. I didn’t know that about you Karl.

Now lets look into some details and trends carried throughout the show that I quite enjoyed. First we have the dazzling go-go boots, I need some of those in my life. The sparkly ear bands are also something I lack of in my life. And lastly glitter stockings show up consistently throughout the show and I like it. If there were more sparkles in the world, it could only be a better place.


Another note about the third photo to the right, notice the collar of this dress, it very closely resembles the neck of a space suit. Interesting. Now lets get down to my favorite looks presented during the show.

I love the wide legged pant with the knee high boots and the thigh length shorts with the glitter stockings under. This long black gown is elegant, fluffy and sparkly all in one and I love it. For my number one favorite outfit, also being shown off by one of my favorite super models, Gigi, is this three quarter sleeve, houndstooth jumper, with a wide leg, cuffed just above the ankle. The silver cut off gloves add a fun edge to this look while complimenting the dazzling go-go boots.

chanel 6

Karl, you did a fabulous job with this show, I wonder if I interpreted it the way you intended. What was that? I did? Speak up Karl my ears aren’t as sharp as they used to be! Anyhow, enjoy!

The Goat’s Milkshake


Moschino Teaches a Lesson on Consumerism

I apologize for my lateness I like to post every Monday, it wont happen again…I hope. Kanye says “you should be honoured by my lateness” so maybe this is a good thing.

Did you know, that you can purchase almost anything on, in any amount you can possibly imagine, with free shipping and free returns. You can purchase anything your little consumerism heart desires, you can even buy live insects! Did you know that you can purchase 1500 live lady bugs on Well you can. From different varieties of live beetles to designer shoes, whether it is purchased online or in a store, it creates waste. The earth is slowly becoming covered in waste. But waste is ugly? What is beauty even? Nature? How did we decide that Nature is beautiful and not cardboard boxes and plastic bottles? Nature is not reality anymore, sorry my tree hugging friends, who are probably also the only people keeping the lady bug sellers at Amazon in business. No offence. Actually offence! We need to embrace reality. We are surrounded by waste and it will only get to be more waste and less nature. Why not take the inevitable waste and turn it into something beautiful all the while adjusting our perception of beauty and nature.

Living in a day and age almost completely driven by consumerism it is no wonder where Jeremy Scott’s inspiration came from, in creating his cardboard masterpiece for Milan Fashion Week. Of course the show included my favourite super models.

moschino 3

Jeremy Scott stretches our definition of recycling in the most brilliant way. Bubble wrap, dry cleaning bags and shower curtains are featured in the elegant yet edgy garments.

If these designs are not a product of thinking outside the box, I don’t know what is. I love this collection and I feel the world can learn a lesson from the ideas that present themselves throughout.

The Goat’s Milkshake

LFW Pushes Boundaries with Post Apocalyptic Vibrations

Now that London Fashion Week is upon us I am writing about one show that most inspires me thus far, as London Fashion week is not yet complete.

This post is all about the Versus Versace show, which like Prabal, opens with Bella Hadid, strutting down the runway in this super edgy number that in my opinion suits her incredibly, in fact she wears it so well that I want to try this look myself. And if you meet me you would be able to say right away without a doubt the “Lara Croft” look is not one that I am known to strut MY stuff in around the streets of Montreal. I definitely do not have the confidence to be walking around in these shorter than short shorts either. And it is interesting to hear and see the comments that both women and men will make about other women showing more skin than socially acceptable, and what I mean by this is, there is so much shame associated showing skin, such as wearing these shorter than short shorts. And this shame echoes low self esteem, weakness or trash, and whether I agree or not is beside the point, but I do feel there is a right and a wrong way to put this type of look together and some people just have that magic touch. They can take a look that can easily cross over the line of what society sees as trashy and transform it into a simultaneously elegant and edgy statement. When I look at this picture of Bella Hadid below I see strength, power and confidence and I love it!

versus 1.jpgGiven the current political climate, I notice this sort of post apocalyptic style carried throughout the show and this fight to push the line between femininity and masculinity and the ideas around what is feminine and lady like and what is masculine and manly, which have been created and imposed by society, furthermore it reflect ideas about the future. and it is as though we are being given a peek into what is to come. And I feel that this show pushes that boundary in a way that is very powerful and inspiring.  And I feel this differentiates it from many of the shows that I have been watching during LFW.

I also enjoyed the plush and sparkly fabrics that made their way into some of the looks.

Some of my favorite models walked the runway, as if this show could get any better.

The Goat’s Milkshake


As you may know, This week has been all about New York Fashion Week, at least in New York, not so much in Montreal, unfortunately. There are many many lovely shows going on. Being new at this whole blogging thing, I am going to discuss one show from New York Fashion Week and focus on that one for this post.

The show I have chosen to discuss today is the Prabal show. Specific details that I enjoy about this show in particular are as follows, starting off the show is Bella Hadid, one of my favourite super models, and probably most everyone else’s, maybe, not necessarily, but probably…I mean it’s Bella Hadid, who doesn’t love bold and edgy Bella Hadid?


Empowering messages, carefully and tastefully integrated into the looks present throughout the show. Go Team Feminism!

I also enjoy the mock  necks and turtle necks carried into most of the styles.

I love every bit of the show but my favourite look is fuzzy, cozy, elegant and includes a high neck that I am very into, all at the same time. This look is right up my alley.


I hope those who went to the show enjoyed it, I dream of the day I get to attend New York Fashion Week. Until then, this is where I’ll be!

The Goat’s Milkshake

Beating winter ennui with fuzz

Montreal winters are rough. At least for me. And while my skin being dry and my hair being staticky will probably persist, I know that I can rely on soft fuzzies to beat the winter ennui. How can we all incorporate soft fuzzies into our wardrobe you might ask? Well here is an entirely fuzzy outfit that will keep you warm and your spirits up throughout the cold harsh winter.




from Bona Dragzimmermann-indigo-adorn-slouch-poloneck-zzz



from Bona Drag



Vagabond Jamilla Beige Suede Ankle Boots

from Asos


Loeffler Randall Mini Azalea Fur Clutch

from Simons


The pop of indigo and fuchsia coupled with these super soft textures is just enough glamour to relieve your symptoms of winter ennui. What do you think?

The Goat’s Milkshake



screenshot_20170130-142759-2Today I decided I need to narrow down what I will blog and video blog about and how. This blog is going to be about fashion because I have had a passion for fashion since I can’t remember, that is how long it has been. Until now I have been unsure of how to go about it in a way that I like.

I  think I may have forgotten to introduce myself  properly, My name is, for the purpose of this blog, The Goat’s Milkshake. Why “The Goat’s Milkshake”? Well I just like how it sounds.

The Goat’s Milkshake