About Me

About me, the writer of this blog.. also known as The Goat’s Milkshake. About that. Well I The Goat’s Milkshake think that Kanye is the coolest and he knows it, I think Ellen DeGeneres is the most inspiring woman in the world. I think that Eva Chen is a brilliant fashion sensation a working Mom so basically super woman. This is all from where I stand at least… which is very far away.

How about we move in a little closer. I feel very strongly that the people you surround yourself with, whether it is a conscious decision or not, shape you. Therefore in order to tell you about me, I must tell you about the people I surround myself with, except I will give them all aliases in order to conceal their identities, like in spy movies. I am going to begin with Marlos, my wonderful boyfriend, who is loving, strong like a diamond and driven like i have never seen in anyone else that I have ever met in my life.

I think Jamy, my best friend, has a heart bigger than the size of land that you would need to fit all the people that are not so thrilled with Donald Trump (to put it nicely), which is basically the entire world, if everyone in the world had a heart that big there would be no need for protests or war, maybe those wouldn’t even be words in the dictionary. So yes thats pretty big. I think that Nori (my other best friend) is what I would call my Serena van der Woodsen, which I do not know how to describe because I am not yet a good enough writer for that, but chances are, if you are reading this, you are watching or have watched Gossip Girl, since alongside all the juicy scandals is a major dose of fashion inspiration. And well that is what this blog is all about. Anyways, back to what we are all on this page to learn about, me, hence the title “About Me”.

I think Derica, my other best friend who I keep close to my heart is a free wild spirit and I admire that she refuses to be tamed. I think that Gulie who is another friend I keep close to my heart even though I have not been able to spend time with her she is a stable pillar that keeps those around her grounded.

Obviously my family is part of my surrounding and shapes my being, but my “About Me” would turn into a short novel if I included them, so I will leave them out and maybe allow some mystery in this relationship being formed.

Moving on to my work life at Lolë Ste-Catherine where I have made friends with some fun characters that of course have had some impact on my being since I have begun working with them about 9 months ago, that is long enough to make a baby. I think that Mini is a wonderful warm soul and a smile that can melt even Donald Trump’s heart, okay that is the last time I mention old Donald, I hope. Another person that I feel has shaped my character is Nicki, who I think is a phenomenal leader, way better than Donald Trump, that was the last time, I promise. I think that Sade’s gentle nature is contagious and Jalexia is a ray of sunshine. Melphine is reliable and honest and Taroline has this strong spiritual connection with everything she touches, I realize now that anyone I don’t mention is going to possibly be insulted but it should not be the case. I just think I am going to be categorized as self-centered if I spend anymore time talking about myself.

All this is to say that due to my surrounding and all the people in it I would like to think I am 40% loving, diamond like and driven, 30% big heart and something to do with Blair Waldorf, a free spirit while still a pillar of strength 20% warm, leader, gentle, like sunshine in some way, reliable, honest and spiritual. But as I am me and it is those around me that experience my being I am really not qualified as they are to say what is “About Me” because that is a matter of perception. I can however say that I am 100% passionate about fashion because that is a matter of preference which requires only my perception, from where I stand, which is right here. This “About Me” unlike other “About Me” sections is 200% about me.



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