Moschino Teaches a Lesson on Consumerism

I apologize for my lateness I like to post every Monday, it wont happen again…I hope. Kanye says “you should be honoured by my lateness” so maybe this is a good thing.

Did you know, that you can purchase almost anything on, in any amount you can possibly imagine, with free shipping and free returns. You can purchase anything your little consumerism heart desires, you can even buy live insects! Did you know that you can purchase 1500 live lady bugs on Well you can. From different varieties of live beetles to designer shoes, whether it is purchased online or in a store, it creates waste. The earth is slowly becoming covered in waste. But waste is ugly? What is beauty even? Nature? How did we decide that Nature is beautiful and not cardboard boxes and plastic bottles? Nature is not reality anymore, sorry my tree hugging friends, who are probably also the only people keeping the lady bug sellers at Amazon in business. No offence. Actually offence! We need to embrace reality. We are surrounded by waste and it will only get to be more waste and less nature. Why not take the inevitable waste and turn it into something beautiful all the while adjusting our perception of beauty and nature.

Living in a day and age almost completely driven by consumerism it is no wonder where Jeremy Scott’s inspiration came from, in creating his cardboard masterpiece for Milan Fashion Week. Of course the show included my favourite super models.

moschino 3

Jeremy Scott stretches our definition of recycling in the most brilliant way. Bubble wrap, dry cleaning bags and shower curtains are featured in the elegant yet edgy garments.

If these designs are not a product of thinking outside the box, I don’t know what is. I love this collection and I feel the world can learn a lesson from the ideas that present themselves throughout.

The Goat’s Milkshake


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