LFW Pushes Boundaries with Post Apocalyptic Vibrations

Now that London Fashion Week is upon us I am writing about one show that most inspires me thus far, as London Fashion week is not yet complete.

This post is all about the Versus Versace show, which like Prabal, opens with Bella Hadid, strutting down the runway in this super edgy number that in my opinion suits her incredibly, in fact she wears it so well that I want to try this look myself. And if you meet me you would be able to say right away without a doubt the “Lara Croft” look is not one that I am known to strut MY stuff in around the streets of Montreal. I definitely do not have the confidence to be walking around in these shorter than short shorts either. And it is interesting to hear and see the comments that both women and men will make about other women showing more skin than socially acceptable, and what I mean by this is, there is so much shame associated showing skin, such as wearing these shorter than short shorts. And this shame echoes low self esteem, weakness or trash, and whether I agree or not is beside the point, but I do feel there is a right and a wrong way to put this type of look together and some people just have that magic touch. They can take a look that can easily cross over the line of what society sees as trashy and transform it into a simultaneously elegant and edgy statement. When I look at this picture of Bella Hadid below I see strength, power and confidence and I love it!

versus 1.jpgGiven the current political climate, I notice this sort of post apocalyptic style carried throughout the show and this fight to push the line between femininity and masculinity and the ideas around what is feminine and lady like and what is masculine and manly, which have been created and imposed by society, furthermore it reflect ideas about the future. and it is as though we are being given a peek into what is to come. And I feel that this show pushes that boundary in a way that is very powerful and inspiring.  And I feel this differentiates it from many of the shows that I have been watching during LFW.

I also enjoyed the plush and sparkly fabrics that made their way into some of the looks.

Some of my favorite models walked the runway, as if this show could get any better.

The Goat’s Milkshake


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