As you may know, This week has been all about New York Fashion Week, at least in New York, not so much in Montreal, unfortunately. There are many many lovely shows going on. Being new at this whole blogging thing, I am going to discuss one show from New York Fashion Week and focus on that one for this post.

The show I have chosen to discuss today is the Prabal show. Specific details that I enjoy about this show in particular are as follows, starting off the show is Bella Hadid, one of my favourite super models, and probably most everyone else’s, maybe, not necessarily, but probably…I mean it’s Bella Hadid, who doesn’t love bold and edgy Bella Hadid?


Empowering messages, carefully and tastefully integrated into the looks present throughout the show. Go Team Feminism!

I also enjoy the mock  necks and turtle necks carried into most of the styles.

I love every bit of the show but my favourite look is fuzzy, cozy, elegant and includes a high neck that I am very into, all at the same time. This look is right up my alley.


I hope those who went to the show enjoyed it, I dream of the day I get to attend New York Fashion Week. Until then, this is where I’ll be!

The Goat’s Milkshake


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